Vital lip balm

Vital lip balm

This moisturizing lip balm helps nourish and brighten the lips naturally. It reduces the appearance of dark lips, exfoliate dead skin cells, and aids in the production of new skin cells, leaving your lips fresh, moist, and plump.
The product was created through research, development and production by Thai Traditional Herbal Medicine experts and the R&D team from the SKIN SYRUP Laboratory.
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Camelia oil, a natural tea seed oil, has been an important Chinese herb for over 1000 years. It is rich in vitamins A, B, D, E, and helps to fight free radicals without trans fatty acids. It allows the skin to absorb vitamins effectively, smooths skin texture, and helps the skin retain moisture and elasticity as well.

Rose hip oil is a lightweight oil, with texture extremely close to the natural oils on human skin. Therefore, it can penetrate into the skin quickly and helps strengthen the skin barrier. It also contains Vitamin E, which helps the skin retain moisture even more. 

Natural bee’s wax helps retain moisture in the lips naturally. It reduces the tension of the lip skin and makes the skin soft and supple. It has a smooth texture and does not form wax lumps like the cheaper synthetic bee’s wax that is more widely used.

Babana oil extract helps to exfoliate old skin cells and produce new skin cells. It is rich in various vitamins that help brighten the lips and reduce dryness and the appearance of cracked skin.

Jojoba oil (Vitamin A, E) resembles the texture of the oils that are naturally produced by human skin. It is a good moisturizer for the skin and is rich in vitamin E and various minerals that help fight free radicals.  

FDA registration no.  10-1-6100055688


  • Apply on the lips regularly throughout the day.
    Can be applied all over the body or other spots that feel dry and in need of moisture

  • For those who want to prevent lipstick from absorbing into the lip lines, as well as cracked lips, apply a thin layer of the balm before applying a lipstick.  

  • Recommended to use on a regular basis before bedtime to prevent cracked, dry, and flaky lips.

For those with very dry lips, it is recommended to apply a thick layer of Vital Lip Balm as an overnight mask for the lips before bed or leave it on for 10 minutes, then gently wipe off for a quick lip spa. 


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