Travel SET D - Shower gel (S)

Travel SET D - Shower gel (S)

consists of:

  • Calm shower gel 100ml
    • “Restores moisture and relaxation to the skin" Aromatic scent of lavender helps soothe and relax skin. Restore moisture and reveal soft touching skin from the first use.
  • Revive shower gel 100ml
    • "Skin renewal in 30 days". Reduces dark spots. Helps keep skin soft, radiant. Sweetly scented with real wild honey. Helps reduce dark spots from scars, clear skin, and fight with bacteria in the body.
  • Activate shower gel 100ml
    • "Awaken your skin." Orange peel-scented gives pleasant fragrant and fresh. Helps to reduce sunburn and stimulate blood circulation, with anti-bacterial properties.

Free! SKIN SYRUP’s eco-friendly fabric bag

300 กรัม
550 บาท


Flake free anti-dandruff set

2270 บาท
1990 บาท

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4580 บาท
3435 บาท