Restore hair tonic

Restore hair tonic

A hair scalp tonic derived from 100% natural extracts Helps to clean and refresh the scalp, adjust the sebum production to balance the natural oils in the hair, reduce odor and dandruff, helps to strengthen and regenerate hair roots, and reduce hair loss symptoms. The tonic is balances and cleanses, eliminating any built up products, chemicals, or oily residue within the hair follicles.

A special blend of Thai, Chinese, Korean, and African herbs created through research, development and production by Thai Traditional Medicine Herbal experts and the R&D team from the SKIN SYRUP Laboratory. Active ingredients include Butterfly pea, Licorice, Gingko, Kijella, Ginseng , and Shikakai (acacia concinna ) herbs.

Formulated without   Sulfate / Paraben / Silicone / Alcohol / Artificial color / Mineral oil / Perfume / Preservative free

50 กรัม
690 บาท


Butterfly pea:   unique properties with "Anthocyanin", a natural component that helps to stimulate blood circulation, directing the blood to nourish different areas of the body, such as the hair follicles. This aids in growing new shiny hair, nourishing the scalp and the roots of the hair, preventing premature gray hair, as well as reducing hair loss symptoms.

Licorice:   helps reduce inflammation of the scalp, irritation, acne, and oiliness of the scalp. This aids in reducing hair loss caused by excessive sebum in the scalp.

Gingko: helps to nourish the scalp, stimulate blood circulation, and restore the health of the scalp and hair roots.  When blood circulation is able to nourish the hair roots thoroughly, the roots become stronger and healthier, causing new hair growth to become more pigmented and vivacious.  

Kigelia Africana: Extracts from African medicinal plants contain the natural properties of Steroidic saponosides and Flavonoids, which function like female hormones to help increase blood circulation, keep the scalp moisturized, and promote hair regeneration.  

Ginseng: Helps to nourish the hair, rich in anti-oxidant, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, aiding the hair to become healthy and strong.

Acacia concinna  (Shikakai herbs):   Helps to reduce sebum in the scalp, reduce itching, and cleanses the scalp. It nourishes the hair, resulting in strong, thick, and pigmented hair. In addition, the herbs contribute to the reduction of hair loss, gray hair, and eliminate dandruff. This key ingredient is present in many ancient Thai formulas used to cleanse the hair or in hair masks to treat itchiness, nourish the scalp, and eliminate dandruff. 

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It is recommended to use the tonic every day after washing your hair with Restore shampoo and Restore conditioner while hair is still damp


Splitting the hair into fine sections. Spray the tonic straight down to the scalp. 


Use your fingertips to apply the tonic to the scalp immediately.  After use, you will feel the cool, refreshing sensation on the scalp from the herbs with natural cooling properties.

The product can also be used as a hair mask. Apply to the scalp 10 minutes prior to shampooing the hair once a week  to deep clean the hair and scalp, as well as prevent clogging of oily residues or chemicals from hair styling products, dust, or pollution that is present in the air.

Can be used on dry hair to treat itching. Apply to the area of the scalp that is itchy to immediately eliminate the feeling of itchiness and irritation. 

Can be used to treat unwashed hair that is feeling greasy. Apply to the scalp with damp hair to help delay the buildup of natural sebum in the hair and reduce irritation and the uncomfortable sticky or greasy feeling of unwashed hair. 

Apply directly only to the scalp. Do not apply to hair.