Radiance Facial wash gel

Radiance Facial wash gel


Facial cleansing gel that gently deep cleanses the face, with special extracts for cleansing the skin used in newborn baby products. Suitable for those with sensitive skin. Does not irritate the eyes.
Feel the softness of the gel that is rich in various vitamins. Revitalize the skin to make it soft, smooth and moisturized. The gel consistency is easy to use, leaving no slippery feeling or any residue on the skin.
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Indian gooseberry : Helps deep clean without irritation and reduce irritation from external pollution. This key ingredient has antioxidant properties because it is rich in tannins and stimulates collagen production. It is the fruit with the highest amount of vitamin C, which helps in clearing the skin and boosting radiance.

 Vitamin B : Helps maintains softness, smoothness, and reduce dry skin, itching, allergic reactions and inflammation.

 Vitamin B5 : Helps maintains softness, smoothness, and reduce dry skin, itchiness, allergic reactions, inflammation of the skin, and acne. 

FDA registration no.  10-1-6200007362


Use to cleanse the face every morning and night.

Wash your face and palm with clean water before pumping 1 pump of Radiance facial wash gel on to the palm. Massage the gel cleanser into the skin for approximately 1 minute before rinsing with clean water.

It is recommended to use in conjunction with Radiance Facial Serum and Radiance Facial Moisturizer for naturally healthy and radiant skin.


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