Radiance Facial Serum

Radiance Facial Serum

This facial skincare product is a serum with a fine consistency that can be quickly absorbed into the skin. Extracted from natural ingredients, it nourishes the inner skin, restores, and balances the skin to maintain radiance, moisturization, and tightness, making the skin sustainably plump.
It helps lift the skin, reduce and prevent deep wrinkles, stimulate anti-oxidants from within, and protect the skin from external pollution. It also helps even out the skin tone and stimulates blood circulation, making the skin appear radiant and pink. The product restores natural youthfulness to the skin.
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Kigelia Africana Extract : Natural African extract contains Phytoestrogen, which resembles female hormones that help increase the integrity of the skin structure. It serves to strengthen and tighten the skin, as well as reduce wrinkles and deep grooves and prevent new wrinkles.  

Indian Pomegranate Extract : The ‘Queen of Beauty’ Fruit is rich in vitamin A, D, E, and high iron. It contains anti-ultraviolet agents and ellagic acids that protect the skin from free radical damage. 

 Ginkgo Biloba Extract : Helps restore the skin and tighten the skin, with flavonoids and ginkgolides that help to combat free radicals.  

Licorice Extract : Enriched with natural glycerin, this key ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties on the skin. It reduces redness from acne, irritation, rashes, and balances the skin’s sebum production.

Ginseng Extract : This key ingredient is rich in vitamin C and ginsenoside, which has the ability to add elastin to the skin and stimulate blood circulation.

Chamomile Extract : Organic extract from fresh chamomile helps soothe sensitive skin and protect skin from pollution.

FDA registration no. 10-1-6100008834


Use regularly every morning and night after cleansing the face with Radiance Facial wash gel for ultimate cleanliness, plumpness, and moisture.

Suck the serum up into the tube and apply 3-4 drops 

directly onto the face and massage onto the entire face and neck area.

 It is the first step to nourish the inner skin before applying Radiance Facial Moisturizer for naturally healthy and radiant skin. 


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