Flake free Anti-dandruff conditioner

Flake free Anti-dandruff conditioner

A chemical-free conditioner with 100% natural extract that helps condition dry damaged hair; restore scalp balance; and smoothen hair without causing excess oil. The formula is "clinically proven to treat dandruff effectively, resulting in 30-45% dandruff reduction within 4-6 weeks" – a guaranteed result after only one product usage.

Lightweight, chemical-and-grease free, the product does not clog as it rebalances scalp and hair for natural looking, strong, and supple finish.

Unlike any other conditioner, FLAKE FREE’s stands out with its ranges of trade secret concentrated Chinese herbs that help smooth split ends and detangle hair. Without the need to resort to silicone and chemical, hair is flake-free, pollution-tolerant, strengthened, smooth, and silky.

The star products feature key ingredients derived from 100% natural extracts from Brazil, India, Australia, and Thailand, along with trade secret Chinese herbs. Developed by traditional Thai Medicine doctors, herb experts, and SKIN SYRUP laboratory R&D team; and clinically proven in France, FLAKE FREE Series adopts various efficient natural extracts: Ziziphus, Pomegranate, White Crane Flower, Eucalyptus Oil, Lemongrass, Acacia/ Shikakai, and Perilla Seed.

Formulated without SLS / Paraben / Silicone / Alcohol / Artificial coloring / Mineral oil / Perfume

250 กรัม
690 บาท


Active ingredients have been clinically proven in France

Ziziphus: Help balance yeast growth; kill Malassezia fungus – the main cause of dandruff; reduce inflammation; hold off Sebderm, and, thus, lower dandruff rate to 30-45%. 

Pomegranate:   Restore scalp condition; and heal irritations.

White Crane Flower:   High in antioxidants and capable of preventing neuron cell damage, White Crane Flower is capable of treating skin inflammation, allergy; holding off Sebderm; and treating hair root.  

Eucalyptus Oil:   Act as an antiseptic; and prevent microorganisms from getting into pores – thus, a remedy for dandruff, irritated scalps, and Psoriasis. 

Lemongrass:   Anti dandruff; treat split ends and scalp irritation; and nourish hair for supple and silky effect.  

Shikakai   and Perilla Seed: Help balance scalp conditions; soothe itchiness; control sebum and maintain skin hydration to treat dryness and flaking. 

FDA registration no. 



After the last round of shampooing with FLAKE FREE Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, rinse off with room temperature water


Pump two 10-Baht-coin amount of product on hands and spread it over the lower level of hair.


Apply the cream onto the ends of the hair and run fingers through the ends of your hair to work in the conditioner. 

Rinse off with cold water.

For best results, pair FLAKE FREE Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with Conditioner for every hair wash; and complete the routine with FLAKE FREE Tonic. Recommended use every two day – no more often than every other day; and blow dry hair thoroughly after every hair wash to prevent fungal scalp infection.